Lignomat SDM, Ligno-Scanner SDM Moisture Meter, 1 pc

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Lignomat SDM, Ligno-Scanner SDM Moisture Meter, 1 pc Description

Ligno-Scanner SDM Moisture Meter Includes Ligno-Scanner SDM Carry Pouch with Belt Loop 9V battery Setting chart Instruction manual The Ligno-Scanner SDM is a pinless moisture meter forwood, bamboo, concrete, and drywall with dual depthmeasuring capabilities at 1/4 and 3/4 . Wood: 71 settings for domestic and tropical species (0.3-1.0) Bamboo: 10 bamboo settings for all bamboo Concrete: scale 0-100, corresponding with the relative humidity evaporation out of the concrete (RH in-situ probe) Drywall: Dual measuring depth is helpful when checking moisture in varying thickness’ Other non-wood building material: Reference scale Features Digital Display Rugged design for easy operation Wide range wood scale (5-60%) Reference Scale for non-wood building materials (0-99) Concrete scale (0-100) Built in corrections for 71 wood groups 10 Bamboo settings Automatic shut off HOLD feature 1/4 and 3/4 measuring depth Dual-depth – a new approach to scanning Works well for: Boards over 3/4′ and less than 3/4′ thick. Measuring layered engineered panels. Comparing surface / core moisture to see if boards are dried evenly. Floor testing at 1/4′ depth assures only the floor planks are measured and not the concrete or subfloor underneath. Checking surface moisture after water damage or after applying waterborne finishes. Applications: Flooring Restoration Inspection and construction

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