Mitutoyo 500-197-30 0-8/0-200mm Advanced Onsite Sensor (AOS)

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Mitutoyo 500-197-30 0-8/0-200mm Advanced Onsite Sensor (AOS) Description

*Range: 0-200mm / 0-8′ *Resolution: 0.01mm / 0.0005′ *Accuracy: ±0.02mm / ±0.01′ *Scale type Absolute electromagnetic linear encoder *Repeatability: 0.01mm *Fine adjustment with thumb roller *Depth bar: Blade Although identical to dial and vernier calipers in its ability to make precise measurements, the digital caliper also has an LCD, which clearly shows values and increases reading reliability over the other types, and reflects all ABSOLUTE system activities. The Absolute Scale (ABS) function tracks the origin point you set, even after shutoff. Once on again, the caliper can immediately start measuring, without zero resetting or concern of overspeed errors. The LCD can be ‘zeroed out’ before making and comparing incremental measurements without having to subtract the first measurement from the second. The calipers use the ABSOLUTE electrostatic capacitance linear encoder which helps prevent overspeed errors. They measure outer diameter (OD), inner diameter (ID), depth, and step, where the butt end of the fixed jaw measures one end of a work piece before its upper/lower or inner/outer ‘steps’ are measured. LCD Resolution is 0.01mm. Also included are origin-setting, zero-setting, and on/off automatic shutoff function buttons. A Digital LCD Data Reading Hold function is available with the optional Data Hold Unit (sold separately). An alarm alerts the user to low voltage and scale contamination and counting value composition errors. A rolling thumb wheel makes fine adjustments and a thumb screw locks the scale’s position. Response speed is unlimited. Each caliper includes, and is powered by, one SR44 silver oxide cell battery that lasts approximately 3.5 years with continuous normal use.

Mitutoyo 500-197-30 0-8/0-200mm Advanced Onsite Sensor (AOS) buy

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